RUNWILLY, more than an escape room search engine

More than a search engine, Runwilly is a social network where you can search for escape rooms or getaways for those who are passionate about the activity.

It has a section where you can easily search for escape rooms, since it allows you to filter by province, date, and even by game, if you’re looking for a specific room. On the other hand, it has a list in which it offers all the virtual escape games or network games of the different escape rooms.

Although, the most important point to highlight is its social network, where you can register as an escape artist, create your own history with the escape rooms you’ve played and make recommendations to other users based on your experience.

Without a doubt, they have achieved their goal, creating a different brand, a network in which to bring together all the available rooms and all the escapists who love this activity.

We leave you their website so you can take a look.



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