If you go to Malaga and don’t step on LCDLH you haven’t seen Malaga

Reviewing my Tripadvisor opinions, I saw that they had not left a review of LCDLH, and that, after having enjoyed the 4 rooms, is inexcusable.
Not only is it one of the most original rooms, with a modern cut (less locks, more use of the mind) but the treatment is more than fantastic, from minute 0 they make you feel part of the history of LCDLH so that you can “Change history” and although sometimes you feel like becoming “the murderer” with one of its puzzles. What is certain is that you will not feel like a “Hostage” there, because this staff “Steals” a piece of you, and I hope that soon they will make me enter a world of “Druids and dungeons”….

Regards Captain Medina!

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