Events-Team Building

The success in an escape room is always synonymous of teamwork. It is an activity which by definition it cannot be develop individually, you have to interact with your teammates and the environment, have a good communication with teammates, distribute the tasks, know the strengths of each partner. Similarly, the Escape room allows strengthen ties between teammates and their superiors, the team will face a situation where everyone has the same mission and all play on equal terms. By analogy with the enterprise sector, the aim is to increase sales of a product, in La Casa de Las Habitaciones we will force you to find a solution in less than 60 minutes and find the way to escape, for that like in your enterprise you all have to paddle the same direction to achieve the target.

La Casa de Las Habitaciones gives to your company, your educational institution, etc. a special offer to your workers, students or colleagues an original activity that can be a break in the routine established.

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Live a new experience with the teammates you are day by day.

Team La Casa de Las Habitaciones